Agri-Food Chain calls for a coherent policy on plant protection solutions

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ESA and the rest of the members of the Agri-Food Chain Roundtable closely monitor the evolution of the European policy and legislation on plant protection products (PPP) and the related implications along the agri-food chain. The impact on the availability of plant protection solutions for the European farmers is of particular concern for the Roundtable.


The agri-food chain partners therefore welcome the growing awareness of regulators of this important subject and specifically the recent progress with regard to the upcoming launch of a coordination secretariat for minor uses. Also the progressive implementation of Regulation 1107/2009 and its mutual recognition provisions will constitute further steps in the right direction to secure sufficient protection for crop and ensure both quality and sustainability of agricultural production, growers, processors and traders.


In this document the agri-food chain partners underline the detrimental developments that impact the availability of plant protection products for all food-chain operators as well as final consumers.


The document is available in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.