ANOVE new exclusive agent of Spain to the ESTA European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme


ESA’s quality assurance scheme for seed treatment and treated seed, the ‘European Seed Treatment Assurance’ (ESTA), is further establishing its position in the European Union with a fourth national agent. ANOVE is now accredited to carry out ESTA in Spain.

ESTA combines a number of elements to guarantee professional, high quality seed treatment applications such as independent certification of treatment sites by accredited auditors, defined quality reference values with a uniform testing protocol, and safe use information and respective labeling for users.

ANOVE’s expertise will guarantee a successful roll out of ESTA in Spain. “We are very happy to welcome ANOVE, our Spanish member association, as national agent for the implementation of our European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme ESTA”, Garlich v. Essen, Secretary General of ESA stated. “ESTA is a key instrument to assure quality and safety for our customers and the environment and to maintain seed treatment as the most modern and most sustainable way of seed and crop protection in Europe.”

The continual improvement as key ESTA commitment also ensures the further proactive development and implementation of state of the art best practices throughout the industry. Every ESTA certified site helps to make sure that EU seed companies, farmers and growers alike may safeguard their long-term access to crucial seed and crop protection technologies.

“This project shows the professionalism and commitment of the seed industry to the quality and traceability of our food from its origins”, said Antonio Villaroel, Secretary General of ANOVE.

A member of ESA, ANOVE (Asociación Nacional de Obtentores Vegetales) is a private, non-profit association which counts among its members practically all of the companies in Spain dedicated to the research, development and exploitation of new plant varieties and other biotechnological inventions involving plants or vegetable matter.

Any seed treatment plant in Spain that wishes to apply for the ESTA certification should contact ANOVE directly.