Biodiversity and voluntary benefit-sharing activities of the seed sector - new posters available!


ESA held its Annual Meeting on 9-11 October in Rome, Italy. At this year’s event, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), ESA placed a specific focus on biodiversity, the sustainable use of genetic resources, and an appropriate regulatory and financial framework for plant breeding companies with regard to access and benefit-sharing. In particular, an exhibition on concrete benefit-sharing projects of the seed sector organized by ESA and FAO was held during the Annual Meeting. The ESA Secretariat developed 5 posters on:

  • Collaborating with genebanks – Supporting ex situ conservation (download as pdf)

The conservation and availability of the widest genetic pool is of key importance for breeding successful varieties. Breeders actively support conservation with a wide range of activities. Have a look at this poster to see how breeders collaborate with genebanks! 

Private breeding companies in many countries actively participate in public-private partnership. How? By contributing their expertise and facilities. With this poster you can discover a wide range of activities: from improved breeding lines to disease resistant wheat and barley; from new breeding strategies for Quinoa in Peru to yellow rust resistant wheat; from hybrid wheat for food security to water efficient maize for Africa.

What is the breeders’ exemption? How does it work? View this infographic to understand how varieties are freely used for further breeding of new plant varieties.

Access to material is very important for breeders to be able to conserve and sustainably use genetic resources. However, in developing countries it is also key that the tools and capacity (knowledge) to use such material are shared. Have a look at this poster to learn more about capacity building activities.

ESA’s working group on biodiversity has developed recommendations with the aim of assisting ESA members and other plant breeders to follow the requirements of the EU ABS Regulation. This poster will give you an indication of the first steps to follow.


Don't hesitate to have a look at the posters and use them across your channels!