Cereals and Pulses

Cereals and Pulses

The ESA Section for Cereals and Pulses (SCP) addresses cereal crops (excluding maize) and pulses.

The EU Seed Marketing Directive for cereal seed (1966/402) regulates some 15 different cereal species including maize. The EU Seed Marketing Directive for Fodder plants (1966/401) regulates apart from fodder plants also legumes, including pulses as peas (Pisum sativum), beans (Vicia faba) and lupins (Lupinus spp.).

There are approximately 47.5 million hectares of cereal crops in the EU. The most important cereals are wheat (24 million ha), barley (12 million ha of which 7.1 million is spring barley) and triticale and oats which are grown on approximately 2.6 million hectares. The most important pulse crops grown in the EU are peas, beans and sweet lupines which are grown on respectively 660.000, 335.000 and 50.000 hectares.

The SCP section developed a Factsheet on Cereals and Pulses which contains more information on key production figures, research and development, environmental aspects as well as information on the ESA company members active in these crops. 



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