ESA at Food 2030 high level event


The second FOOD 2030 high-level event is taking place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on 14-15 June 2018 during the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Council. Organised by DG Research, it is dedicated to research and innovation (R&I) as a driver of food systems transformation; such that our food systems become sustainable, resilient, inclusive, responsible, resilient, diverse and competitive.

In parallel to the conference, the Commission is holding a Food Village showcasing innovative research projects, networks, start-ups and sustainable food technologies. Building on the success of the ESA stand at the first FOOD 2030 event in October 2016, ESA has the privilege to have a stand also at this year’s Food Village.

The stand, entitled ‘’Embracing Nature: touch and taste innovation in plant breeding’’, will build on ESA’s campaign “Embracing the Power of Nature” which seeks to communicate the role and relevance of plant breeding innovation for farming and society at large. At the Food Village the ESA staff is demonstrating how private plant breeders’ work and plant breeding innovations contribute to the objectives of FOOD 2030.

ESA stand  comprises a “touch and taste” element where participants can experience and enjoy first-hand the results of successful plant breeding innovation: salad vegetables, including snack vegetables, and rapeseed oil.