ESA launches new website and new image


Welcome to the new European Seed Association website!
The new website has a more modern image, with more content and images. It is user friendly, particularly to the non-expert visitor.
ESA expects to improve the communication around the organization and the seed sector itself by providing all visitors with clear and easily understandable information about the different policy topics as well as the crops ESA is involved in. Seed experts are not forgotten, with every page having more in-depth documents and policy papers available to download.
ESA members continue to have their private, password protected area of the website. Where they can find meeting specific documents, working documents, specific legislation and administrative documents as well as a personalized calendar with their respective ESA meeting dates.
This launch is accompanied by a total redesign of the organisation’s image. A revamped logo can now be seen throughout ESA’s social media channels and official documents and communications materials.