Fascination of Plants Day celebrated in 52 countries worldwide


52 countries worldwide celebrated this year’s Fascination of Plants Day on 18 May.

Hundreds of plant-based activities for all interested people from toddlers to grandparents have been organised by scientific institutions, universities, botanical gardens, and museums, together with farmers and companies, who opened their doors to get the general public fascinated by plants.

ESA - European Seed Association set up a digital campaign on Thunderclap to explore and make people aware of the exciting - yet not so well  known - journey from a little seed to delicious and healthy food. We believe that showcasing the importance of plant breeding for the whole of society is vital as plant science contributes to high-quality food, competitive and sustainable agriculture and climate change mitigation. Therefore, we used this international day to explain the benefits of plant breeding and address the knowledge gap that exists between the general public and science-based agriculture.

We encouraged all our members and colleagues to organise activities in their company, open their doors and show their work in the field, greenhouse or laboratory, to get as many people as possible fascinated by plants and make them aware of their importance for our future.

We havel collected stories and messages, and we made them publicly available to all of you, to further showcase and celebrate the importance of plant science and plant breeding for society: check out our Storify on #PlantDay 2017.

In the meantime, you can have a look at some shots from the Fascination of Plants Day initiative by Plantum in The Hague, and check out the ESA Thunderclap campaign if you haven't done it yet!


The picture above has been taken at the event organised by Plantum in The Hague on 18 May. For more information: www.plantum.nl