Crop protection solutions are urgently needed in the EU to preserve safety and diversity of agri-food products.

ESA’s quality assurance scheme for seed treatment and treated seed, the ‘European Seed Treatment Assurance’ (ESTA), is further establishing its position in the European Union with a fourth national agent. ANOVE is now accredited to carry out ESTA in Spain.

European Seed

The magazine was developed in co-operation between the European Seed Association and Issues Ink and will offer rich and relevant content, further advancing the € 7 billion seed industry in Europe.

Food For Thought

The group of 11 leading EU-level associations will present their joint declaration, entitled: Food for Thought: A Vision for unlocking the potential of agriculture and food industries in the EU, at a reception on 23 September in the European Parliament hosted by influential MEPs from across the p

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More than 900 seed sector representatives from around the world arrive in Lisbon on Sunday, following ESA’s invitation to attend the Annual Meeting the European Seed Trade Meeting.

The second day of the Annual Meeting in Lisbon was filled with sections meetings, with the topic of the day being the entry into force of the Nagoya Protocol in the EU.

“Speak up for Seeds!” campaign launched at General Assembly of European Seed Association

The voluntary financial contribution to Benefit Sharing Fund was announced at ESA Annual Meeting in Lisbon on 14 October by the President of the European Seed Association, Gerard Backx.

The presentations on horizontal issues made during ESA's Annual Meeting in Lisbon from 12 to 14 October 2014 are now available for dowload at: