Oil and Fibre Crops

Oil and Fibre Crops

The ESA Section for Oil and Fibre (SOF) crops addresses oil and fibre crops as regulated in the EU Seed Marketing Directive for oil and fibre crops (2002/57) covering 7 oil and fibre species.

The most important oil crops are oilseed rape, with an area of 6.8 million hectares in the EU 28, and sunflower, with 4.3 million hectares. The most important fibre crops grown in the EU are cotton, flax and hemp cultivated on respectively 225.000 ha, 75.000 ha and 20.000 ha.

The SOF section developed a Factsheet on Oil and Fibre crops which contains more information on key production figures, research and development of the most important relevant crops, environmental aspects as well as information on the ESA company members active in Oil and Fibre crops. 


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