7 private breeding companies contribute directly as partners to the Czech National Program on PGR Conservation and Utilization and are responsible for maintenance and increase of crop collections (in co-operation with the gene bank), characterization, documentation, evaluation and regeneration of PGR. In vegetatively reproduced species, the institutes holding collections are responsible for a long-term conservation of plant genetic resources, as well. The Gene Bank in CRI Praha provides long-term storage of seed samples for all seed-propagated species as well as services of the National Information System on Plant Genetic Resources (EVIGEZ) for all co-operating institutions.

All information about genetic resources is in EVIGEZ (Plant Genetic Resources Documentation). All genetic resources in EVIGEZ are part of the Treaty’s Multilateral System.

The documentation system of EVIGEZ consists of three main data sets:

- Passport data

- Characterization and evaluation data

- Documentation of seed store in the Gene Bank

The information is held centrally in the Gene Bank of RICP Prague and partial information is stored also in crop specialized institutions, which co-operate within the Czech National Program on Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources and Agro-biodiversity.  


Contact person for more information: Vojtěch Holubec holubec@vurv.cz


Czech Republic