Hybrid Wheat for Food Security

The project “Hybrid Wheat for Food Security” is an innovative wheat research and breeding project targeting food security in India and Pakistan as well as benefitting the UK wheat growers through the eventual introduction of high yielding wheat hybrids. Partners in India, Pakistan, Australia and UK will work together on establishing wheat hybrid testing in South Asia and UK utilising an innovative, non-GMO, non-chemically based, hybrid system. Experienced scientists in Australia will attempt to improve the hybrid system further using molecular and cytogenetic technologies. KWS, UK’s market leader for wheat, will manage and coordinate the project, with the main aim of improving the food security for millions of people in South Asia. In addition, through application of the technology to breeding programmes in the UK, the hybrid system can be rigorously scrutinised using state-of-the-art field trialling facilities, which will facilitate implementation in breeding programmes in South Asia.

Contact person: Jacob Lage: Jacob.Lage@kws.com