Learning for Life Initiative

In India, the Bayer Learning for Life initiative covers everything from reintegrating children into the regular school system to vocational training measures. Together with the Naandi Foundation, Bayer runs daycare centers for preschoolers and offers special assistance to weaker school students to stop them breaking off their education. Bayer also works with local non-governmental organizations and school authorities to offer vocational classes and enhance the appeal of attending school.

At the Bayer-Ramanaidu Vignana Jyothi School of Agriculture in Hyderabad, Bayer trains young people aged above 15 years as farm assistants in half year full day courses. More than 3,400 students have already benefited in some way from the Learning for Life initiative.


Contact person for more information: Holger Elfes holger.elfes@bayer.com


Additional link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZBm0cjWOgI


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