Material in Transition

The MIT (Material in Transition) agreement between the company Lantmännen (formerly SW Seed) and NordGen is a good example of providing PGR to gene banks.

The scope of this agreement is that NordGen will, annually, be given access to a large number (several hundreds) of advanced breeding lines, in several crops, including full data packages and DUS protocols. These MIT-lines will remain the property of the breeding company during the final VCU evaluation and possible Plant Breeders Right protection

During this period NordGen cannot distribute accessions of the lines without the consent of the donor – on the other hand the company cannot withdraw MIT-lines from the NordGen collection. After the final DUS evaluation of the MIT-lines/varieties, the material will be transferred to the category of fully accepted (ACC) material and thereby fully publicly available from NordGen to any third parties.


Contacts for more information:

Lantmännen – Bo Gertsson  (

NordGen – Jette Nydam Hansen (

Swedish Seed Trade Association – Per Henriksson (