Founded in 1965, PRO-MAÏS is a nonprofit breeders’ organization that aims at advancing the study and improving maize. 10 breeding companies are members of Pro-maïs.  PRO-MAIS's activity is twofold: (i) maintenance of maize genetic resources; (ii) research projects on maize genetic resources, on evaluation, management and methodology, on creation of new skills and resources for private breeders, etc.

Pro-maïs members in close collaboration with INRA have been active in maize genetic resources network in order to manage the genetic resources on long term perspectives. Based on this work, in 2009, Pro-maïs and INRA have notified a collection of 533 accessions of maize PGRFA to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.


Contact person for more information: Jean Beigbeder