RUSTFIGHT: Meeting the New Challenges from Infectious Rust Fungi on Crop Plants

Aggressive Danish P. striiformis isolates are used to screen for novel resistance-genes in wheat genetic material from the international institutions ICARDA and CIMMYT.

Resistant and generally susceptible lines have been crossed. Resistance genes in yellow rust resistance-phenotyped doublehapoids are mapped based on existing wheat maps using SNP and SSR markers.

New identified molecular markers which are linked to rust resistance genes are valuable in marker-assisted selection in the wheat breeding, allowing for example to combine several resistance genes by gene pyramiding.

The wheat material containing new resistance to yellow rust will be of great importance not only for the European wheat growers but also for a number of other wheat growing countries worldwide. Grown varieties are stored in NordGen.


Project partners: Sejet Plant Breeding, Aarhus University, Copenhagen University


Contact person for more information: Mogens Houmøller (Aarhus University)