Variety evaluation

The Portuguese Plant Gene Bank is a state institution responsible for the conservation of plant genetic resources, at several levels:

-       Setting up collections of plant germplasm, by collecting or receiving copies of the materials or by the exchange of material within similar institutions.

-       Ex situ conservation (in chambers with a controlled temperature and humidity), in vitro by cryopreservation, or in a field collection.

-       In situ conservation: on farm conservation

-       Regeneration and multiplication of the genetic material, periodically. In order to have enough seeds and other propagation material available for future exchanges.

-       Profiling and evaluation of the conserved material in order to protect and acknowledge the genetic diversity and make the most of it by making it available

-       Documentation of all the information of every access since the starting point, profiling, evaluation, use exchange, until the conservation routine.

-       Exchange: Reception and distribution of the genetic material.


There are financed projects in place, between companies and INIAV, the Portuguese Institute for Agriculture and Veterinary Research, to evaluate varieties (for forage and pasture purposes) from the national plant gene bank, in order to develop new varieties which will become the property of the State and the company will be the exclusive holder of the varieties.

There is also a strong cooperation between the Lisbon Agronomy Institute and some companies, regarding the share of some vegetable varieties from the Institute’s collection.


Contact person for more information: Joana Lopes Aleixo