Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera Foundation

At the basis of this project is Indonesia’s largest vegetable seed company PT East West Seed Indonesia. The founders of this joint venture, Enza Zaden’s Pier Mazereeuw and Simot Groot of East West Seed, are also the founding fathers of the Yayasan Bina Tani Sejahtera Foundation, which they established in 2009.However, the daily affairs of the Foundation are handled by the team of PT East West Seed Indonesia. The aim of the Foundation is to give vegetable growers all the help they need. The Foundation helps growers grow their vegetables, especially in the remote parts of the lowlands with their difficult conditions. By sharing the expertise and technology the living standards of many farming families are improved and their capacity and production will increase. Know-how is constantly made available by the Foundation to millions of vegetable growers in the country and it is visible that the better technology and high-quality resources like seed help farmers increase their income.

Examples of success stories include: digging of wells and installing of pipelines to make more water available for irrigation and consumption; planting trees to make environments greener; printing manuals on vegetable cultivation and making those available to farmers.  


Contact: info@binatani.or.id


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