Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Plant science research underpins modern agriculture and the constant increase in the scientific knowledge of plants and their interaction with the environment. Plant breeding brings yield increase, disease resistance, resistance to extreme weather conditions and has developed specific traits for dedicated uses.

The seed sector is at the forefront of research and innovation, with companies investing on average up to 20% of their annual turnover on R&D. Out of the 50.000 people the industry employs, a quarter are dedicated staff to R&D activities.

ESA has an internal working group on research and innovation, established in 2012. The group is open to any ESA Member interested in research and innovation related issues. Both National Associations and Individual Companies representatives are part of the group.

The priority issues that are addressed by the ESA working group on Research and Innovation are as follow:

  • ESA Contribution to European Technology Platform: “Plants for the Future” (Plant ETP) At European level, ESA is a founding member of the European Technology Platform “Plants for the Future” within which it cooperates with plant science organisations and farmers’ organisations to identify joint research priorities and a common vision and strategy for plant research.
  • EU R&D and innovation policies and implementing measures, relevant for innovation
  • Horizon2020 and all relevant actions and opportunities
  • Outreach on research and innovation (e.g. ESA Vision Document)

ESA Board identified R&I as a priority to work on in the upcoming years. The Secretariat encourages interested Members to join the group. Contact Cesar Gonzalez.

ESA is also engaged in the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability, and promotes the uptake and dissemination of innovative agricultural techniques, especially in relation to new plant varieties and breeding.

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