Vegetables and Ornamentals

Vegetables and Ornamentals

The ESA Section for Vegetable and Ornamental crops (SVO) addresses both vegetable crops and ornamentals.

The EU Seed Marketing Directive for vegetable seed (2002/55) regulates more than 50 different vegetable species of which tomato, pepper and cucumber are the most common.

Vegetables are produced in the EU 28 on more than 400.000 hectares. The EU imports approximately 12.5 million metric tons of fresh fruit and vegetables with a value of 11 billion Euro. On the other hand, the EU export account for 5 million metric tons with a value of 4 billion Euro.

The SVO section developed a Factsheet on Vegetables which contains more information on key production figures, research and development of vegetables, environmental aspects as well as information on the ESA company members active in these crops.

Illegal multiplication of vegetable varieties has become an issue of high importance over the years which made vegetable seed companies to take common steps in order to fight such illegal activities. The ESA section vegetables and ornamentals has thus adopted a Code of COnduct in which the signatories undertake to pay more attention to protect their intellectual property and enforce their IP rights. Until September 2014, 25 vegetable seed companies signed the Code of Conduct.



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